Here comes New Event

Hi ladies, and guys
Me again.

Do you know “HINA-MATSURI”?
In traditional Japan, there is “Boys day” and “Girls day”.
The “Boys day” is 5th of May.
The 3rd of March is “Girls day” on the other hand.

In my memory was right, there were two stories of “HINA-MATSURI”.
One for wishing wellness for girls future.
The other was a letter from her parents or her family to her. Ah… she was past away.

By the way,  we have a training on 2nd of March this year. Just day before “HINA-MATSURI”.
We have a plan for selfdefence training class on that day. We called that “Let tears off from Orge’s eye training”.

Sorry for long name.

We offer all of you ladies, 1 coin training on that day.

All you have to do is grab a coin and attend our training.
Thats it.

We will waiting for your present at Do-Jang.

See you another training.



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