A Happy New Year!!

Hello Worlds,

I hope you have received New Year’s Day. If you didn’t, don’t worry. It will come to you soon, and later. Any way, just celebrate New Year’s day of 2018 now.

My memory was right, the last year was a training year for reach higher.

This year, we keep it. Keep it for higher and higher.

And I wishing this will be better than the last.

2018. January 1st.

T’z-TKD Chief Instructor

Taizo Sugaya



July’s Schedule

Hi guys and ladies,

Haven’t writing much. I will add later, recent actions.

Now concentrates on July’s schedule

  • 5th . . . Radio Taizo
  • 12th . . . Fundamentals
  • 19th . . . Specific kick

See you there and don’t miss it.

met REAL Grand Master Ree Ki Ha and Grand Master Ray O’Neill

Arriving Toronto air port at almost 26th January.

Training in Morningstar Do-jang after day off then enjoyed Canadian style dining.


I met 2 instructors from  Argentina, Mr. Dagata, and Mr. Chaviel. And I met REAL Grand Master Ree Ki Ha sason, and one of his student and also he became Grand Master Ray O’Neill sason. This was first time met grand master O’Neill sason. And I did not realized grand master Ree has been promoted as a “REAL” grand master.

  • First time I met grand master Ree at just after seminar in Australia. Maybe 1997? Grand master Ree has course in AZ and NZ. Me and many instructors on New Zealand waiting his arrival at restaurant. I was surprised by his BIG hands. I could not make up the time to took grand master REE’s course that day. That is regret me today.
  • Second time I me grand master Ree was year 2001 in Rimini city in Italy. During tournament of Taekwon-Do World Championship. We finished the program of 900-1200. Just get in the bus quickly, waiting for driver to leave. Few minutes after one person (actually there were few persons) get in the bus. That person was grand master Ree.
  • 16 years later… This was the third time I met in person, but first time “REAL” grand master.

After brief greetings and their breakfast. I had great honor to follow and help(?) his shopping.

Attending A.G.M. Listening several reports from many sections, Argentina, and Malaysia. I read report from ITF-NIPPON to them.

Same night was Chinese New Years day ceremony. There were many Chinese lives in Canada. And their customs developed in Canadian way? (I guess). Mr. and Mrs. Morningstar took me into Chinese temple. I never visited Chinese temples in my life. There were so many Buddahs on the wall. And everything shining a lot. I felt Yo in there. And Yin here in Japan. I looked for the LIONS. I could not found them in actions. I found them in the corner of back yard. I guess they had a napped 364 days long. But they were Saint animals, 364 days were just a blink.

Up Coming Event

Hello dears,
Hoping you are spending good time.
Today, I would like you to know few tournaments named as …第13回町田市テコンドー選手権大会 ,and 第2回東京都オープンテコンドー選手権大会(13th Machida city Taekwon-Do tournament, and 2nd Tokyo Open Taekwon-Do tournament).
Also I add link of notices and categories, and entry form for both tournaments.
If you have an interested in, why don’t you come and see or entry it?

Notices and Categories

Entry form

Notice: These are printed by Japanese.

ITF-JAPAN All JAPAN Nationals 2017

Dear members, and not, and yet,

It already fall, but not like that in Japan.

By the way, ITF-JAPAN has been decided when and where to held our National tournament for the year 2017.

Date:  31st March 2017.  (Friday)

Venue:   Machida Gymnasium  (hopefully you will see the google maps)

Well, its starts by a day before weekend, but students will having vacations usually. Ex-students, take few days vacations for nationals please. Be there, and don’t miss it for having fights and enjoy. Or maybe referee and judges.

Entry forms and any further information, I let you know when I get (A.S.A.P).

Are you already excited?

Let’s Tae Kwon!!


Class Schedules for July 2016

Hello Ladies and guys and some of gentlemen.

Cleaned up changing room and Physio therapy room yesterday. Today, I am going to clean up weight room and studio. For thanks giving our training facilities.

By the way, our place here in rainy season usually, but I feel not recent. And I hope this feeling is just nothing more than feeling …

Well, these are the our class open schedules on July 2016.

6th, 13th, and 27th.

That’s it. Don’t miss it. And don’t ask me about 20th. I am in Mt. Nayeba for Fuji Rock Festival 2016.